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OPA Support

Styra support for Open Policy Agent

  • Fast policy development from the inventors of OPA/Rego 
  • Deep authorization expertise gained from real deployments
  • Custom integrations and best practices, proven in production 
Styra support for OPA

Why choose Styra for OPA support?

As the creators of Open Policy Agent, Styra has the experience and expertise to help make you successful with OPA in production.

We're committed to the success of each of our customers, whether commercial or open source. Whether that means taking calls to keep operations running smoothly, or partnering from the start to design and implement custom policy, we're here to help.

Bill Mann

CEO | Styra

As the originators of OPA, we've worked with countless customers to build up a proven set of best practices—all based on real deployments. Our team of operational and security experts helps customers accelerate development while minimizing risk.

Tim Hinrichs

CTO and Co-founder | Styra/OPA